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Civil engineering / Works

Hejemasi’s employees have gained a long-term work experience in the civil engineering field regarding tank storage and related activities. Consequently, their knowledge is fully sufficient for this purpose and they are informed on how to comply with the up-to-date requirements in terms of rules and regulations.

Our services include, for example:

  • defining a scope of work for a new tank foundation
  • defining a scope of work for the renovation of a tank foundation
  • advise on foundation for storage tanks
  • advise on soil remediation
  • defining a scope of work for the entire terminal infrastructure
  • defining a scope of work in order to comply with the PGS 29 regulations for the complete tank pit
  • advise on and installation of sewage and final pavement plans
  • advise on and construction of bund walls for tank pits
  • defining a long-term maintenance plan
  • advise on which parties are to be considered as potential bidders
  • evaluation of the biddings
  • accompanying the execution of work on behalf of principals
  • advise on new governmental legislative measures
  • advise and assist in case of calamities

The aforementioned is a summary of the possibilities we can offer. The work is, of course, executed in accordance with the appropriate applicable legislation and quality standards.

Should you be interested or need extra guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the needs.


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